An excerpt from MIRACULOUS HEALTH:

If you have come to this book, it is probably because you are unwell. I am sorry that you are hurting, but we are going to start to work on making you feel better immediately. I have spent my career helping people come into powerful levels of health and wholeness. Whether the issues that made you pick up this book are minor or major, or even life-threatening, roll up your sleeves and join me now on an adventure in self-healing. Together we will change your health and your life.


But first, we’re going to start with something small. Think about something bothering you physically right now. Rate your level of pain, discomfort, or dysfunction on a scale of one to ten with ten being the worst pain imaginable (“It doesn’t get any worse than this”) and one being no pain at all (“I feel great”). Now, dim the lights, turn off the phone, sit back, close your eyes, and relax. I’m going to take you through a simple exercise that will show you that your mind is capable of exerting tremendous influence on your health and wellbeing.


Begin by monitoring your breath going in and out. Don’t control it; just watch it go in and out on its own for a few breaths, putting all your attention on your breath without allowing any other thoughts to distract you. Next, begin silently counting backwards from ten to one. Count slowly, waiting about three seconds between each number. Now you’re ready. Imagine the following scenario:


You go to a doctor for your health problem. He walks into the room and says, “Boy, are you in luck. We’ve just had a major breakthrough with this problem—a completely new way of treating it that we didn’t have before. We’re getting dramatic results! You couldn’t have picked a better time to come in. You are so fortunate.” The doctor then explains what this new breakthrough is. Maybe it’s a new wonder drug, a new form of physical therapy or diet, or a new supplement or herbal medicine. Pick whatever feels best to you. The doctor tells you more about the drug and then says, “Follow this new regimen and you’ll feel a lot better soon.”


You leave the doctor’s office feeling hopeful and energized. You jump right on the new therapy. Imagine yourself now taking the new medicine or supplement or going to physical therapy. Imagine that a little time goes by and you notice, “Hey, I am getting better. The doctor really knows what he’s talking about. I’m really lucky to have gone in there when I did. This is really working.”


Now imagine that you keep following the treatment routine. You find yourself feeling so great that you’re actually feeling levels of joy you haven’t felt in years and becoming optimistic about life again. You think, “I am so much better. I can’t believe it.”


Imagine a few weeks go by and you decide to go back to the doctor to see what he says. You make an appointment and the doctor checks you over. He smiles at you, puts his hand on your shoulder, and says, “You are doing great. You are well on your way to a complete recovery, speeding along like a track star. You’re doing absolutely perfectly and I am so happy for you.”


This is, of course, unbelievably good news for you and you feel fantastic. You’re happy, you’re well, and you’re satisfied. It’s like you’ve gotten a new lease on life.


Now, open your eyes and think about how you feel. How would you rate your pain, discomfort, or dysfunction now? I’ll bet you’ll find it has improved. If it was a seven before, maybe it is a four or a three now.


You’ve just experienced the tiniest bit of what you will encounter over the course of this book. I designed this simple exercise to demonstrate that you can have an immediate effect on your physical health by using your mind as your greatest ally. Even if the improvement you feel now doesn’t last, you’ve taken a glimpse into a remarkable new world, one in which your mind offers you the opportunity for miraculous health. I’ve been living in this world for nearly four decades now and can’t wait to share it with you.


You already have everything inside of you that you require to permanently improve your physical wellbeing and feel great. All you need is someone to guide you along the way. I’m delighted to volunteer to serve as that guide.


Take my hand and hang on to your hat. I have miraculous things to show you.