Lyrics R.E.M. from Life’s Rich Pageant (1986) “You’ve had a disproportionate number of message songs on this list so far. Is that a theme?” Peggy said. “I think that might be a sample size thing. I probably have a disproportionate number of songs that begin with the letter W on the list at this point, too. I can promise you it didn’t factor into my choices.” “But you do like message songs. That was always one of your things.” “Yeah, you’re probably right about that. I mean, s
Lyrics The Jackson 5 from Third Album (1970) “You know what’s interesting?” Peggy said. “This is the second artist on your list already who had his first hits as an adolescent and continued deep into adulthood.” “You find that interesting?” “You don’t? How often does it ever happen? You have Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. How many more can you name?” “Okay, good point.” Peggy paused. I noticed that she tended to pause when she said something I wouldn’t have observed mysel
Lyrics Simon & Garfunkel from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme (1966) “Do you know which word shows up most amongst the titles of the eight thousand songs I have on iTunes?” I said. “Um, ‘the?’” Peggy said. “‘A?’” “Other than articles and other super-common words.” “‘Love?’” “Okay, other than ‘love.’” “Is there anything else you’d like to eliminate before I continue guessing?” “You’re right; that was a stupid way to start this conversation. It’s – other than ‘love’ – ‘home.’
Lyrics Stevie Wonder from Talking Book (1972) “Do you think there’s any rock superstar with more range than Stevie Wonder?” Peggy said. “Well, the Beatles had a lot of range.” “Sure, but I don’t know that even their catalog was as diverse as Wonder’s has been. Look at the two songs from him in your top one hundred so far – a sentimental ballad and a funk rave-up. And even that doesn’t express his full range. You can go even more sentimental with something like ‘Sunshine of My
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